Kelly Ann’s Affirmations

cropped-unlearn-what-you-have-learned.jpgWhat IT is .. is not what you want.. with focus, with different results.. don’t go the hard way. Focus on in “what” moves you.. not what does not. What works well for you? Work on what is great & not what is not.. this takes you away from who you are with unwanted results.. even though it is not “bad” behavior .. you are just condemning who you are. You were created! –Kelly Ann Pope

I love everything organic … needless to say that does not just define food for me.. it defines a lot about who we are in relation to the tribes we lead in our business. So be careful not to push out too much robotic moves that take you further away from the center of your network & clients, or you might just loose your senses you will need from the other side.

I think there is a balancing act in the quality & discovery you provide to others even if it takes you more time to do it.

Kelly Ann Pope

Everything you know today will change tomorrow.. that is a blessing right now. –Kelly Ann Pope

To not necessarily let anyone “off the hook” however enable you to be “off the hook” is true freedom.. –Kelly Ann Pope

I am happy today .. as much as I will be tomorrow … nothing changes because your moment counts .. those who are dealing in pain .. remember this, your pain is natural & if you ask for higher purpose in your ordeal.. it will be.. your pain is real and it helps you since if you did not know it you would not understand any better. Accept all challenges and I am so thankful for all & those to come. –Kelly Ann Pope

You are ultimately responsible for every reaction you have .. therefore you determine what you are and who you are.. if you choose to re-act to someone else in a negative way .. that was/is your choice .. but never neglect your reactions .. just be in tune to the considerations of what they are & the convictions you hold …call the kettle black as you see it to be.. however if the kettle is black all the time.. most will not recognize what you want them to. –Kelly Ann Pope


If you choose not to inspire within .. you will not inspire anyone & if you inspire within you don’t need to do anything but be you…-Kelly Ann Pope

There are tons of starfish to throw back into the ocean.. some still do have a pulse.. if you want help .. I will throw you back in! Feel free to reach me starfish.-Kelly Ann Pope

Surrender .. sift thru it.. love those around you. Believe it or not they all are teaching you love ♥..-Kelly Ann Pope

Envision beyond the doubt…that ..that is likened to itself is drawn. All power flows thru you as the real true meaning of who you are is revealed to thyself. –Kelly Ann Pope

If you are walkin down the street a lil sideways .. that’s what you need to keep doin..- Kelly Ann Pope

I can say with the utmost confidence “I am good at what I do” because I “know” what I do. – Kelly Ann Pope

We are in a REVOLUTION of changing industry to the digital age, thereby computers & phones can be factories and more and more people will be working virtually in the new era.. so we need to embrace the changes and live a fruitful life & never ever listen to the people who say we are all doomed.. –Kelly Ann Pope

When you make a mistake, don’t dwell in it ..ever! Recognize it & Move the heck on.. –Kelly Ann Pope

Embrace the many fascinating changes in what will shape our new World.. say goodbye to the old & in with the new. Recognize that all changes are creating more opportunities moving us to the digital age from the industrial age..So what are you going to do about it? –Kelly Ann Pope

Patience is something you don’t GET, it is something you KNOW. – Kelly Ann Pope 



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